Fifth about The Seventh

La Belle Époque

La Belle Époque: as Nicolas Bedos’ film unfolds, it’s able to undo the first impression that most characters left when they are introduced. That’s appropriate, as the story is about second chances and rediscovering the best self as one gets lost (or not) in a detailed illusion; it turns out to be a nice love story. The protagonist of the film is an unhappy man, acting in all the annoying ways he can, but as he falls in love, again and for the first time, he softens up; it’s a very nice performance by Daniel Auteuil, lost and pained and hopeful. Fanny Ardant, as his caustic true love, and Doria Tillier, as the stunning actress tasked with emulating her, likewise are in good shape, both explosive in their demonstrations of love and anger. The film looks excellent, particularly the production design of Stéphane Rozenbaum and the costume design of Emmanuelle Youchnovski, who creates the illusion factory quite effectively, with a number of periods and styles being used. Good and varied use of music.

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