Fifth about The Seventh


Dégradé: at first glance, the sheer number of characters in Tarzan and Arab Nasser’s drama (particularly since most of them fall squarely into simplistic, flat archetypes) may seem like a weakness. The film, however, tries to sell the idea that no matter who these women are, all they want is to be able to live their lives, uninterrupted by a constant conflict they have no part of. The result is, therefore, mixed. Acting is generally OK; the performer with the trickiest part is Maisa Abd Elhadi, and she comes up well. Hiam Abbass and Manal Awad are fine as two abrasive and talkative women; the weakest link is Mirna Sakhla, who overacts a bit as the stock religious zealot. Cinematographer Eric Devin makes good use of the large number of mirrors in the hair salon in his framing, often capturing a large portion of the characters with a single shot. Sound design is very competent, a necessary way to portray what is happening in the outside world.

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