Fifth about The Seventh

Wasp Network

Wasp Network: the short synopsis of Olivier Assayas’ (inspired by true events) spy tale suggests a thrilling, enthralling experience, but the resulting film is actually dull, unfocused. The film seems to have too many characters, but it doesn’t, really; the impression comes from how superficial and undistinguishable they are; there is a whole storyline that adds nothing for the plot as a whole and offers very little by itself. The film tries to mitigate its main issue with a strong cast, but they are unable to do much; Edgar Ramírez, Wagner Moura, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Gael García Bernal are generally uncompromising but indifferent. Ana de Armas is quite charming in a thankless and useless role, while Penélope Cruz gives the strongest performance as a deglamorized wife. Simon Jacquet’s editing is sometimes sloppy, and the film does a poor job of consistently portraying the passage of time.

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