Fifth about The Seventh

Memories They Told Me (A Memória Que Me Contam)

Memories They Told Me: in this drama feely inspired by real people and events, Lúcia Murat weaves the conversations between characters with interactions with a memory to take a look at how the combative youth of the 1960s evolved. It’s a contemplative, interesting exercise, even if the film is trying to chew quite a lot at the same time. Curiously, the central character is absent, constructed from the eyes of others, and as a result, she seems ethereal. Simone Spoladore’s performance is spot-on, in that spirit. Irene Ravache, Clarisse Abujamra, Otávio Augusto, and Franco Nero are all efficient in their roles. The weakest link is Miguel Thiré, who veers towards overacting here and there. The framings by the director of photography Guillermo Nieto are quite efficient and perfectly aligned with the spirit of the movie.

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