Fifth about The Seventh

Rebels (Rebelles)

Rebels: Allan Mauduit, in this crime comedy film, gains points for having a female trio as the blue-collar incidentally-criminal protagonists, enabling for a different perspective in the problems and motivations; however, that perspective is barely used. Additionally, the main character is neither very sympathetic nor rich, and the relationship with her cohorts is too accidental and pragmatic. Cécile de France is fine as the hard-edged, past-her-prime beauty; Yolande Moreau and Audrey Lamy are good as the other two rebels. The film doesn’t overstay its thin story and has a lean runtime, nicely put together by its editor Christophe Pinel. Musical composer Ludovic Bource’s score is inspired by Westerns, an intriguing choice that is ultimately justified.

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