Fifth about The Seventh

The Limehouse Golem

The Limehouse Golem: even if Juan Carlos Medina’s film didn’t march firmly towards a (pretty much) foregone conclusion, the mystery at its center would not be particularly engaging; there’s neither a sense of urgency around the killings nor any relevance given to the victims. The nested structure, mixing what amounts to two different flashbacks, makes it a bit more interesting, but the film is truly interested in investigating the role of a woman in Victorian society (polite or not). Ultimately, the film is not particularly thrilling, insightful, or emotionally rewarding. Bill Nighy is quite good in a role without any trace of humour, as the stiff, dogged chief investigator; Olivia Cooke is also good as the troubled woman who may or may not be connected to the murders. Cinematographer Simon Dennis overlights some scenes, but his camera movements are very elegant.

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