Fifth about The Seventh

21 Bridges

21 Bridges: Brian Kirk’s cop movie is tight and competently done, but there is not one trace of originality to be found anywhere. Good cops, bad cops, a killer with a conscience, major conspiracies; all are elements that have been used before. The situations are obvious, the characters are one-dimensional, the whole is vacuous; still, the film fits the bill as a quick summer-like entertainment. Chadwick Boseman is intense and convincing as the straight-arrow and competent cop that mostly tries to do the right thing; Sienna Miller as his tough-as-nails partner also gives a good performance. The film is filled with good faces in other roles, but no one is asked to be memorable. Below the line, the film is also unremarkable and fine: Tim Murrell’s editing keeps the film moving quickly and the action scenes thrillingly.

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