Fifth about The Seventh

Anna (2019)

Anna: this spy action film, by Luc Besson, is reasonably globetrotting and stylish, particularly some of the action, but ultimately vacuous. The plot has a steady stream of backstabbing, more present even then headshots, but they are presented in an indifferent way. The main character, a strong female who is doing what she can to regain her life from the combating factions, is a bit of a cipher, but her main goal is very clear. Sasha Luss, naturally, has the beauty and physicality (not to mention the striking blue eyes) required of her character, but not the acting chops; thankfully, her character has to play her cards close to the chest most of the time, but some good emoting is missed here and there. Helen Mirren is clearly having fun. Luke Evans and Cillian Murphy both look good but don’t have much to do. Luss is well-dressed by costume designer Olivier Bériot. The two large action sequences are shot (by Thierry Arbogast) and edited (by Julien Rey) to maximum efficiency (and violence).

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