Fifth about The Seventh

A Ghost Story

A Ghost Story: the way David Lowery chose to tell this particular story is certainly unusual; while the film expects some degree of patience, it rewards with a touching, thought-provoking experience. Coping with tragedy is a rich field for storytelling, but this film goes for a different perspective, and in doing so, invites reflections on the cycle of life and mortality. The choice to have the ghost as it’s in the poster, instead of using special effects, for instance, is an interesting one, as it gives the character a perpetual state of sadness. The performances of Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck are low-key, but both are quite effective. The film goes for long takes, with the camera essentially fixed, emulating the voyeurism of the character; the framing of cinematographer Andrew Droz Palermo is quite elegant. That, in addition to Lowery’s editing and the way the scenes play, gives the film its peculiar and particular sense of time flow. Nice music.

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