Fifth about The Seventh

Pure as Snow / White as Snow (Blanche Comme Neige)

Pure as Snow: Anne Fontaine’s modern retelling of the Snow White tale weakens a bit the villain’s motivation, but also puts the protagonist through a deeper, more self-revealing journey. That gives her more agency, from a justifiably low-energy start to a point where she is more and more in touch with herself. The cast is good: Lou de Laâge fits the character very well, with her clear beauty, justifying the interest she generates with the male characters, and she can pull off both the pure and free sides of the character. Isabelle Huppert’s character is limited in scope, but the actress knows quite well how to play a cold shrew. Jonathan Cohen does the neurotic veterinarian quite well, and so does Vincent Macaigne as the insecure musician. The editing is a bit sloppy at times, but the film takes place in quite a charming set of locations high in the mountains.

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