Fifth about The Seventh

Project Power (2020)

Project Power: Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman’s sci-fi super-hero film is a mish-mash of ideas done elsewhere, sometimes better, sometimes worse. Alas, the film is just too quick to brush aside some of its more interesting ideas and embrace its violent action and gritty visuals. Still, this is just a small variation of everything that came before it. Also, despite their large numbers (or more likely because of it), the villainous figures are mostly dull, with little to none sense of character in most of them. The three protagonists fare better, and while she has the lowest star-wattage of them, the soul of the film is played with gusto and effectiveness by Dominique Fishback; Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets the least interesting of the three, but his earnestness works well; Jamie Foxx is also fine as the more troubled of the trio. Cinematographer Michael Simmonds pulls off some tricky shots, a number large enough to be interesting but not enough to become tiresome.

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