Fifth about The Seventh

An Easy Girl (Une Fille Facile)

An Easy Girl: the relationship between the two young cousins at the center of Rebecca Zlotowski’s coming-of-age story begets a delicate, elegant film. To its credit, the film is insightful and non-judgemental without sacrificing how sultry and sunny it is.

The protagonist, the younger of the two, is naturally more of a blank canvas, still figuring out where to go with her life. Her older cousin, the eponymous character, is deceptively complex; it’s easy to dismiss her on account of her aggressive sensuality, but she is also sweet and smart. The location, in that sense, is crucial, not only for its beauty but also for showcasing the incentives for her choices. Newcomer Mina Farid is luminous as the younger cousin, projecting the curiosity and good sense to properly sell the character. Zahia Dehar has a body and she is not afraid to use it, but she also does well with the character’s other dimensions. Benoît Magimel is touching as another mentor of sorts.

Director of photography Georges Lechaptois captures Cannes’ beauty and Dehar’s curves with a proper golden glow; the film as a whole has a dreamy quality to its images. Editor Géraldine Mangenot keeps the narrative tight, but it does at occasion pause to appreciate the environment. Beautiful use of music, focused on jazz and classical, which enhances the dreamy mood.

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