Fifth about The Seventh

Rock’n Roll

Rock’n Roll: the starting point of Guillaume Canet’s dramedy is interesting enough as it looks into the insecurities that come with a midlife crisis, compounded by the fact that the portrayed life is that of an actor. The idea of having the characters be fictional versions of the performers is a good one, as it allows for automatic recognition of some of their traits. The film, however, doesn’t know when to stop: it overshoots the exit and transforms a sympathetic protagonist into a grotesque, spoiled, unsympathetic version of himself. As a result, what started as funny and touching just turns annoying and ideologically bankrupt. Still, Marion Cotillard is quite funny as the ultra version of herself, and Canet himself is also fine as the insecure star; Camille Rowe is credible as the source of his discomfort. Technically well-done, in particular the make-up work.

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