Fifth about The Seventh

Extraction (2020)

Extraction: such a generic title betrays a likewise storyline, but the flimsiest of plots merely serves as a justification for the action sequences. The characters of Sam Hargrave’s film are shallow, undeveloped; it’s a shot on the foot, as lack of emotional connection undermines the thrill of the action. The cast is physically very apt and performs the stunts very capably (Chris Hemsworth and Randeep Hooda are the recurring bodies, but stunt work, in general, is quite spectacular), but they have little else to do. And the action, oh the action! It’s very video game-like in its intensity and violence, particularly in all the shootouts; there is, in any case, a bravura sequence that is beautifully planned and executed, which is worth the proverbial price of admission. The film was shot by cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel (and reportedly, the camera for the action sequences was operated by the director Hargrave himself) and edited by Ruthie Aslan and Peter B. Ellis, who all stitch those together very capably. Sound design is very solid, complementing the images well, even if the musical score is generic.

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