Fifth about The Seventh

I Kissed a Girl (Toute Première Fois)

I Kissed a Girl: a certain degree of implausibility is to be expected in comedies, but this Noémie Saglio and Maxime Govare’s film takes it too far. It is hard to buy the decisions the main character takes as the story evolves; most characters turn out to be unbelievable, unlikeable, uninteresting. To make matters worse, the film poses as progressive but is anything but. The good-looking cast does what it can with such characters: Pio Marmaï as the bumbling protagonist in doubt of who he is, Adrianna Gradziel as the woman who plants those seeds, Franck Gastambide as his womanizer best friend, Camille Cottin as the neurotic co-worker. The film looks polished but its aesthetics are generally unremarkable.

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