Fifth about The Seventh

The Mystery of Henri Pick (Le Mystère Henri Pick)

The Mystery of Henri Pick: the love for books is the force behind Rémi Bezançon’s whodunit, where the “it” is not a murder, but the writing of a book. The different kind of mystery changes the types of characters and the tone of the dialogue, but not the obsession for the truth or the trail of false leads. The two main characters don’t have much chemistry, but that’s somewhat by design, and in any case, they share a more than passing interest in literature. Fabrice Luchini is quite good as the obsessive, pedantic critic, and so is Camille Cottin as the amateur bookworm; their dialogue is very well-read and entertaining. The film looks very polished, with efficient camerawork by the director of photography Antoine Monod, good paces by editor Valérie Deseine, and fine musical score by composer Laurent Perez Del Mar.

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