Fifth about The Seventh

Cine Holliúdy

Cine Holliúdy: Halder Gomes’ comedy has its heart in the right place, as it pays homage to the cinema-going experience in particular and communal storytelling in general, but its mere sliver of a story and its broad regional stereotypical characters subtract from the experience. The hero’s (and his family’s journey) is actually interesting, and the brushes with small-town politics and bureaucracy are spot-on, but in its second half, the film becomes a parade of one-dimensional characters that are only seldomly funny. Edmilson Filho is fine as the persistent story-lover, and displays some solid physical comedy powers; Miriam Freeland is also fine as the warm, loving mother that is the mainstay of the family. Editor Helgi Thor puts together a fine, entertaining scene through the magic use of smart cuts and shot selection.

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