Fifth about The Seventh

Bon Cop Bad Cop 2

Bon Cop Bad Cop 2: as Alain Desrochers’ sequel begins, the protagonists of the original film are in places that seem organic evolutions, the “bad cop” working undercover and the “good cop” promoted, which is a positive thing. However, the resulting story is a bit too absurd and the film as a whole, too conventional. Colm Feore is once more fine as the good cop, while Patrick Huard is leaning a bit harder on the comedy this time around; new face Mariana Mazza, even more so, as the manic computer expert. Visually, the film is also very conventional (losing the stylistic edge the first entry had); director of photography Ronald Plante’s images are clean, effective, indifferent;
editor Jean-François Bergeron’s likewise keeps the film moving, but there aren’t any risks being taken here either.

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