Fifth about The Seventh

Silverado (1985)

Silverado: Lawrence Kasdan presents a competent and entertaining action Western, even if the story, an instance of the struggle of a few heroes against an evil and powerful land-baron, is as formulaic as they come. It’s also a bit overstuffed, with too many minor villains and storylines. The characters are all quite on-the-nose and one-dimensional; they are, in any case, portrayed by quite a fine cast, who are mostly giving good performances. Kevin Kline, Scott Glenn, and Danny Glover are all quiet and effective in their roles; Brian Dennehy makes a good, smooth heavy; Kevin Costner is the dissonant note, as his character feels anachronistic, and his performance, heavy-handed. The action sequences are well-executed, and the beautiful landscape is capably, if unimaginatively, captured by director of photography John Bailey; the night scenes, however, are a bit overlit. Composer Bruce Broughton’s musical score is an archetypical Western soundtrack.

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