Fifth about The Seventh

Isi & Ossi

Isi & Ossi: Oliver Kienle’s romantic comedy is charming and entertaining; both its biggest weakness and strength are how recognizable and similar it is to most films of the genre, as this is a film that could have been made in any country and language and barely anything would be lost in translation. The central couple is charming, even if their chemistry takes a while to be established, and they are surrounded by the usual assortment of colorful characters. The performers look good, however; Lisa Vicari is fine as the rebellious (if wanting to follow her own path is rebellion, that is) princess, while Dennis Mojen is merely okay as the kid from the other side of the tracks. Out of the supporting cast, Ernst Stötzner is the stand-out as the dirty-mouthed grandpa with unusual career choices. Editor Knut Hake gives the film a fast pace, matched well by its polished, modern looks.

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