Fifth about The Seventh

Bon Cop, Bad Cop

Bon Cop, Bad Cop: the buddy-cop thriller subgenre has been around for a while, and it has some pretty well-established rules; Erik Canuel’s film follows those rules closely, and the result is thrilling and entertaining. Canada, given its linguistic divide, seems a natural setting for a film of the genre; however, the story focuses more on how the two cops are different as people (and professionals) and less on how those differences are a result of their different backgrounds and origins. Colm Feore (as the good, more by-the-books cop) and Patrick Huard (as the bad, more off-the-cuffs cop) are both fine and share good screen chemistry. Cinematographer Bruce Chun, with the help of the post-production team, gives the film a smart, stylish and moody look (that can, however, get a bit out of hand sometimes); editor Jean-François Bergeron has his fun with parallel action and imprints the film with a good pace.

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