Fifth about The Seventh

Bad Times at the El Royale

Bad Times at the El Royale: there is simply way too much going on in Drew Goddard’s film; all characters have something to hide, and most of them are simply too unsympathetic. The fragmented structure just makes it evident that all the characters’ journeys would have been better served if they had more time individually; crammed as they are, the majority of it ends up being just noise. It’s a fine cast on paper; Cynthia Erivo gets the distinction of being the only performance with any warmth; Jeff Bridges and Jon Hamm are merrily chewing the scenery; Chris Hemsworth uses his golden-boy physique for maximum effect; Dakota Johnson is, for the most part, simply inert. The film’s strongest suit is its visuals; cinematographer Seamus McGarvey frames make good use of mirrors, double mirrors, and the clear duplicity implied by production designer Martin Whist’s sets. Good use of music, which helps somewhat to alleviate the too-long runtime.

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