Fifth about The Seventh

A Coach’s Daughter (Córka Trenera)

A Coach’s Daughter: Lukasz Grzegorzek’s modest little drama portrays the touching journey of a man with his priorities in the wrong place. The relationship between the two title characters, the coach and his daughter, is rich, complicated, and therefore interesting to watch. Casting is very good: the young couple, Karolina Bruchnicka and Bartlomiej Kowalski, completely look their roles, and Bruchnicka, in particular, emotes very well; Jacek Braciak is likewise convincing as the loving but misguided father. The film is short, but it feels a bit longer than it should, with some slow lulls. Its look is rather simple, with cinematographer Weronika Bilska capturing the locations colorfully; that serves the story well enough.

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