Fifth about The Seventh

Gemini Man

Gemini Man: it’s not for the story one watches this movie by Ang Lee, but it is there, such as it is: typical nonsense, with many plot points there apparently only to justify some globe-trotting. The action is the reason, and it’s very efficient and dynamic; it is also fluidly and elegantly shot (by director of photography Dion Beebe) and staged, more so than the genre usually sports. With the caveat that the film was not seen with all the projection’s bells and whistles that Lee used, the special effects team created a younger double that mostly works, but nevertheless looks odd at times (both the expressions and the smoothness and shininess of his image). The gallery of characters doesn’t escape the cliché: the ruthless but virtuous hero, the plucky, smart heroine, the humorous sidekick, the sinister villain. It is a good cast; Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Benedict Wong, and Clive Owen are efficient in their respective roles. Will Smith is also in fine shape, and creates two vocal performances that are distinctive enough in their tone to make sense.

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