Fifth about The Seventh

True History of the Kelly Gang

True History of the Kelly Gang: Justin Kurzel’s unromanticized film is a bit of a misnomer, as it’s more an account of Ned Kelly’s life than it is of his gang. The film is also not fully convinced if he is a simple villain or a hero, and while this duality has potential, it’s not well explored. Ultimately, the heavy focus on his formative years ends up being a hindrance. Partly, because Orlando Schwerdt is a bit stiff, and even the strong presences of Charlie Hunnam and Russell Crowe are not enough to inject much interest. George MacKay, however, is certainly interesting, with his wiry physique and neurotic eyes. Essie Davis is also a very fine presence as the tough survivalist mother. The film looks very good, in a grimy, gritty way; production and costume design are very effective, complementing the harsh landscape. It’s also very stylized, with quite a few trippy images (by cinematographer Ari Wegner) and music (by composer Jed Kurzel).

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