Fifth about The Seventh

To the Ends of the Earth (Tabi no Owari Sekai no Hajimari)

To the Ends of the Earth: Kurosawa Kiyoshi’s delicate little drama showcases two journeys, one within and the other without the main character, and they are both rather interesting. The culture clash, between two cultures generally foreign to Western audiences, adds a nice dimension to the experience; it also offers a glimpse at gender and hierarchy politics in Japan. Acting is fine: Maeda Atsuko, as the protagonist, manages to go through the public face and the private face, and all the emotional tribulations, very convincingly. The film sports a documentary look that fits the story quite well: the camera of cinematographer Ashizawa Akiko behaves as if it’s an unseen member of the crew that forms the spine of the story. It, at the same time, showcases the beauty of the landscape.

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