Fifth about The Seventh

Yesterday (2019)

Yesterday: Danny Boyle’s romantic comedy presents one of those silly, fantastical premises that work so well for the genre; it is entertaining, colorful, breezy, fell-good, and ultimately a bit vacuous. The two central characters are very charming and start off a believable place. It doesn’t hurt they are so well-defended by the performers: Himesh Patel makes a quite endearing loser, and performs nicely the many songs present in the film. Lily James sells effectively and adorably the girl-next-door aspect of her character. Joel Fry is a really good comical side-kick. The sour note in the cast is Kate McKinnon; her character is the shallowest of walking cliches, and her performance is annoyingly loud, her elastic facial expressions begging for laughs that simply are not there. The film makes good use of the music (if one enjoys The Beatles, that is), looks very polished, and has a few formal flourishes, enough to make it a bit distinctive from the rest of the genre.

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