Fifth about The Seventh

The Fury of a Patient Man (Tarde Para la Ira)

The Fury of a Patient Man: Raúl Arévalo’s film is tight and modest in scale, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a tense, realistic thriller. However, there is not one character in sight who turns up to be particularly easy to root and care for, making this a somewhat distant and cold view. It is a thematically heavy, grim film. Acting is effective across the board: Antonio de la Torre as the quietly furious man of the title is very convincing; Ruth Díaz is fine as the beaten-down romantic interest of sorts; Luis Callejo completes the main trio in likewise fine shape as the ex-convict. The film has a gritty, washed-out look that complements the story; cinematographer Arnau Valls Colomer intrusive, dynamic camera works quite well for this material. Editor Ángel Hernández Zoido creates a bit of a puzzle with his work, keeping things in the dark (which is a great match to the camerawork, as both give the sense that the viewer is another side character that enters the journey unaware of what is at stake) and creating a few moments of incredible tension.

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