Fifth about The Seventh

Always Be My Maybe (2019)

Always Be My Maybe: romantic comedies, as a genre, more often than not have very homogeneous points A and B; how it goes from A to B is one of the things that can make one distinctive. Nahnatchka Khan’s entry is not one of those: the film stays close to the beaten path but it extracts its charms from the winning duo at its center and a few rather touching moments. It still bears repeating every time it happens: it is refreshing to have a film go for a minority cast even when the story doesn’t particularly call for it. Ali Wong and Randall Park have great chemistry, are both very funny, and sell their characters (her a neurotic winner, him a lovely loser) quite well; the supporting cast is fine, too, particularly a very funny Keanu Reeves. The aesthetics are polished and clean, but samey. Park performs some entertaining songs.

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