Fifth about The Seventh

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

X-Men: Dark Phoenix: it is somewhat impressive that, this deep into the long cinematic series, Simon Kinberg’s entry is this emotionally flat and dull. Part of the problem is that the story feels rushed and undercooked; part is that most characters at the center of this story are simply uninteresting, and not given (neither here nor in the series as a whole) a chance to evolve; part is that those that do in fact have an arch feel just the result of a plot point, and not of organic growth. Gone are the days that this series had any pretense of a subtext, but the film takes itself too seriously, as if it still had relevant things to say. It’s a very fine cast, on paper, but they are wasted; the material doesn’t help, but even so the acting is disinterested at best. Sophie Turner has just one note to play; Jessica Chastain’s bland villain is built to not give her any leeway with her performance. Visually, the film is generic; the action scenes are, as usual, too dark and murky, not particularly easy to follow.

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