Fifth about The Seventh

Varda by Agnès (Varda par Agnès)

Varda by Agnès: it may sound that Agnès Varda making a documentary about herself is a bit self-important, but of course she is legendary for a reason, and this turns out to be a joyful journey through her work and life. Firstly, she is an enchanting screen presence, and a chat about any subject would probably be lovely. Secondly, it’s a great chance to glimpse inside her cinematic mind and (more importantly) heart. Thirdly, her work (and this documentary is no different) is filled with formal whimsy, which makes this a very distinctive experience. The film, however, falls in a particular place: the viewers that know her work the most are the ones more equipped to enjoy it, but also are the ones that will likely learn less. No matter, it is a fine experience.

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