Fifth about The Seventh

The Stolen Caravaggio (Una Storia senza Nome)

The Stolen Caravaggio: Roberto Andò is trying to do so many different things in this drama that is little surprise that not a single one theme or storyline is done properly; the film offers no possibility of emotional attachment with any of the characters or situation shown. The main character’s arch had some potential, that was squandered with many unconvincing choices. Acting is very uneven: Micaela Ramazzotti’s acting is simplistic, but the way her character was written doesn’t help; some other performers act as in a light farcical comedy, a mismatch for the general tone of the film. The film as a whole looks good, with cinematographer Maurizio Calvesi making decent use of its locations; composer Marco Betta’s musical score veers often towards the clichéd subpar recreation of a Bernard Herrmann score.

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