Fifth about The Seventh

Furie (Hai Phuong)

Furie: the plot of Le Van Kiet’s actioner could hardly be more generic, but it has a certain primal drive that is recognizable and relatable, no matter who the characters are. It’s also somewhat refreshing to see this story played against a different landscape, given the film’s origin. Veronica Ngo has a strong screen presence: good physicality in the action sequences, good projection of both the despair and strength of her character; the rest of the cast is somewhat hit-and-miss, as some small bits are played way too broadly and hammy. The action sequences are shot and edited with great clarity, avoiding hyper-fast cuts. The film looks polished, and cinematographer Morgan Schmidt adds a lot of color to his frames; however, this stylization more often than not is poorly motivated and heavy-handed, in particular when what is supposed to be moonlight is present. The musical score does its job but it is very generic.

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