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Casting a ballot – 25th Annual SAG Awards

The 25th Annual SAG Awards ceremony will take place Sunday, January 27th, 2019.

As I have been doing for a few years, as we get into the awards season, I’ll post the fictional ballots for some of the guild awards, showing what my vote would be if I had one. I will, as a rule, abstain from my fictional vote if I haven’t seen at least half of the nominees. And to be perfectly clear, I’m not a member of any of these guilds and organizations.

The list of nominees can be seen here.

Here it goes:

Best Stunt Ensemble: Mission: Impossible – Fallout

The sheer variety of the stunts (car chases, foot chases, helicopter chases, furious fistfights, gunfights) would justify this. But, to top it all off, they are all exceedingly well-executed, resulting in a very thrilling experience overall.

Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role: Rachel Weisz (Lady Sarah in The Favourite)

Weisz and castmate Emma Stone are almost equally good; Stone has the showier role, for sure, but the dialogue reading of Weisz is delightful, and she is always fully convincing as the strong, power-hungry character. (Not the seen the nominated performances of Amy Adams, Margot Robbie.)

Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role: Mahershala Ali (Dr. Don Shirley in Green Book)

The very believable performance of Mahershala Ali finds the ideal balance between the stuffy dignity, humanity, talent and vulnerability of the character. (Not the seen the nominated performances of Timothee Chalamet, Richard E. Grant.)

Best Female Actor in a Leading Role: Olivia Colman (Queen Anne in The Favourite)

Olivia Colman plays this regal mad hatter of a character beautifully; it works for laughs, it works for contempt, it works for fear, it works for pity. (Not the seen the nominated performance of Melissa McCarthy.)

Best Male Actor in a Leading Role: John David Washington (Ron Stallworth in BlacKkKlansman)

The intelligence and determination of the character are not lost in Washington’s performance, in spite of the dead-serious but comedic tone the film has. (Not seen the nominated performance of Christian Bale.)

Best Cast: BlacKkKlansman

The cast of BlacKkKlansman deals with the shifting tones, which range from absurd comedy to thriller, without any loss of quality or believability. On top of that, there are characters and characters within characters.

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