Fifth about The Seventh

Green Book

Green Book: Peter Farrelly presents a well-intentioned, harmless and quite entertaining film; it’s also, however, old-fashioned in its form and somewhat obvious in its story. That’s not to say it’s not touching and well-made, simply that the punch is a mild one. The two main performers are excellent: Viggo Mortensen lays a bit heavily on the accent, but imbues the character with humanity and sensibility, as well as having a lot of business that seems very natural to the character; Mahershala Ali is all prim, wounded dignity, a complicated man in an unglorious and necessary mission. Aesthetically, the film looks good in its period recreation; the golden-hue cinematography of Sean Porter is adequate but not impressive; and the editing of Patrick J. Don Vito keeps the film moving along at a nice pace without many risks taken. The music selection is quite good, both the ones played by the characters on-screen and the ones from the radio.

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