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BlacKkKlansman: Spike Lee makes a characteristically angry and heavy-handed film, but his fight (and it should be said he fights the good fight) doesn’t get on the way of a particularly entertaining and politically relevant experience being achieved. It’s indeed a crazy, outrageous story, one of those that doesn’t seem to be true; it displays a dangerous buffoonery that is easy to be dismissed but should not be; the result is a film that switches gears easily and can be funny, scary, infuriating and thrilling. John David Washington give a fine, energetic, breezy performance as the main character; Adam Driver is also very fine as his partner, displaying the intelligence and resourcefulness of this character; Jasper Pääkkönen is a bit over the top as the main heavy, but that comes with the comedic tone the film uses; Topher Grace is likewise interesting as the apparently clueless leader. Marci Rodgers’ costume design and the hair styles used are as expansive and loud as one can expect, but they are a form of expression by the characters, therefore justified. The fluid camerawork of cinematographer Chayse Irvin is quite interesting and well-done.


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