Fifth about The Seventh

Early Man

Early Man: there is a fine match of the good-natured, almost sweetly naïve story with the aesthetics in Nick Park’s animation. It’s a simple story, but told with conviction and without pretenses, with a likewise simple but positive pair of messages. The claymation style is executed beautifully; the characters have distinctive, engaging designs, one that invites a constant smile, and the world as a whole is also nicely put together. The dialogue is filled with little gems (if one likes puns), and the voice acting is appropriately frivolous, and curiously overdone (in a manner that increases its entertainment value; it’s far from naturalistic, but it matches everything in the film); it’s almost surprising to see the name of the main voice performers, Eddie Redmayne and Tom Hiddleston, as both sound very different from what they usually do.

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