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Justice League

Justice League: director Zack Snyder (with an assist from Joss Whedon, one might add) does it again: comes up with a film that should be an event full of excitement, but turns out to be one part entertaining, nine parts infuriating. The so-called plot is irrelevant, filled with misplaced gravitas, and the one-note villain, bizarre-looking and unmemorable. The attempts of humor, few and far-between, which may come as a blessing in disguise, considering how poor they are. The newly introduced characters are not given enough time to breathe, and the web of relationships between them is primitively made. Ezra Miller is given an annoying role to play and he does it too well; Ben Affleck, Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher, Henry Cavill are all nondescript; Gal Gadot is the only one that is interesting to watch out of the main cast. The action scenes are incredibly bad-looking and hard to follow; it’s hard to imagine what cinematographer Fabian Wagner had in his mind (or if he had any say) to come up with these murky, dark images throughout the film; the ultra quick editing and the at-best pedestrian special effects add to the visual confusion.

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Wonder Woman


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