Fifth about The Seventh


Aquaman: by now, it’s hardly surprising that a big chunk of the story of superhero films don’t really hold all that well to any scrutiny, even within its own mythology. It gets, however, the tone right, avoiding the excessive darkness and self-seriousness of other DCEU films, without becoming too silly. Also, there is some sense of wonder and novelty in the submarine setting of so much of the action (the production design and special effects team deserve some credit for putting those environments together). The characters are, as expected, quite flat; the villains in particular are very weak and dull. Action sequences are hit and miss: there are plenty of the staple visually dark, murky and confusing fights; there is a sequence, however, that is just the opposite of that, fluid, light and exciting. Jason Momoa has great physical presence, and a certain spark in his eye, but his line reading is flat. Things are even worse with Amber Heard, whose delivery is very flat, even if she dresses her skin-tight green suit quite well; not for nothing, she is the onscreen offspring of Dolph Lundgren, who is as expressive as a stone.

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