Fifth about The Seventh

Wonder Woman (2017)

Wonder Woman: what director Patty Jenkins gets the most right in this film is the tone: a solar, positive character such as the titular one calls for a light, breezy film, not a heavy one. The story itself has the habitual issues of any origin story: the plot takes a while to get moving, and the main villain, for all the foreshadowing, is weak and dull. All of that is partially offset by the inspired presence of Gal Gadot: she has the proper physique du rôle and exudes the mix of strength and naïveté called for. She also has good chemistry with co-star Chris Pine, who hits the right marks. The rest of the cast is stuck with barely one-dimensional characters, sadly. Cinematographer Matthew Jensen generally gives the film a decent look, particularly in the more fantasy-minded first half; the dark, grim palette used in the second half action scenes, however, are a sad staple of action films trying to hide unimpressive visual effects. Editor Martin Walsh annoyingly abuses the speed ramping in some of the fight scenes.


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