Fifth about The Seventh

Citizen Kane – Revisit

Citizen Kane: there are many reasons this Orson Welles’ film is, deservedly so, considered a masterpiece. For starters, the title character is complex, interesting to watch; if the film has a flaw, however, is that he is not an easy one to emotionally connect with. His trajectory is, in itself, an epic story; the structure (oh, what screenplay by Welles and Herman J. Mankiewicz! And kudos for editor Robert Wise as well, for piecing the images together this elegantly) used to tell this story, mixing and matching pieces of the puzzle the character, raises the experience even higher. To top it all, director of photography Gregg Toland has shot a film for the ages: the camera work is expressive, groundbreaking even; the shots are not gratuitously beautiful and incredible, but a way to portray a larger-than-life character and his surroundings. The whole cast is great.

Read what I wrote before: Citizen Kane


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