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Loving Vincent

Loving Vincent: Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman’s touching portrait of the troubled artist makes a great choice by using a time-tested structure and narrative device. The mosaic narrative makes this a very rich experience. The animation style makes it even richer: unique in the realm of animation, it may limit the action and some faces may be distracting, but goes to great length to show the versatility and dynamism of Van Gogh’s art; it is also, needless to say, incredibly beautiful to look at. The voice acting is low-key, but generally very solid; the casting of Chris O’Dowd (due to his face, not so much for his voice work) raises some brows, but everyone else is spot on (none more than Jerome Flynn). The choice of  “Vincent” to play at the closing credits is an obvious one, but not any less great because of it.


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