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Suicide Squad

Suicide SquadSuicide Squad: David Ayer’s film has two clearly distinct halves, neither of which is engaging; the first (and somewhat better) one at least avoids the murky visual tone, but it’s not telling a story, just throwing pretenses of characters in the screen. Those are uninteresting, badly defined, hard to care for, in spite of the cast making their best to instill some life into them. Viola Davis is the one that comes out more watchable by far; Will Smith played this better before; Margot Robbie is fine for what she is asked to do (mostly, wear short, revealing clothes); everyone else is mostly neglected by the script. The action scenes are so dark and murky (along with the low stakes on the fates of the characters) that they become boring and repetitive. In the end, the fact that more care was dedicated to the pop soundtrack than to the script says all that needs to be known about this mess.


  1. Bill

    DC: “Hey, Marvel did well with Guardians of the Galaxy and their soundtrack. Let’s try that.”
    DC: “Hey, Marvel has a cool guy running things with Nick Fury. Let’s try that.”

    I agree with your assessment: the first 30-45 minutes of the film felt like it should have been a TV special introducing the characters, then you go watch the movie.

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