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Gravity (2013) – Revisit

Gravity: a revisit to this film showed how enthralling an experience this film is. In general, particularly when the second view is so close to the first one, the mind takes precedence over the heart and the attention is on the technical aspects instead of the story. However, while still absolutely in awe of the visual choices, the story was even more gripping and the anxiety level, higher. The banter, which at first seemed the weak spot of the film, proved itself to have a role for the characters, more so than for the story. The editing (choosing long takes and reducing drastically the number of cuts) takes away the usual tools of the editor; that the sense of urgency remains as high as it does shows how powerful (because, in a way, addressing a primal instinct in the viewer) the story is. This is filmmaking very near its peak, and an amazing experience.

(Since I saw this film twice in 3-D, I can’t attest how the experience and immersion translates if seen in 2-D. It may be a fair assessment that this film works so well because of it. However, to think any less of it for this reason is akin to saying that The Wizard of Oz is only that magical because it’s in color.)

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