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Rush – Second Opinion

Rush (written by Francisco Rosa): motivated by what my filmmaker, film-critic son wrote in this blog, I decided to watch Rush. It was delightful to watch the film and remember some moments I witnessed from very close. His technical comments about it are, in my opinion, irreproachable, so there is no reason for me to address those aspects.

The film explores the rivalry between the two pilots, one good and the other great, but certainly very different. I don’t believe the rivalry was that dramatic in real life, but exploring that certainly gave this interesting and exciting movie its charm.

The actor that played Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) was perfect, given the physical similarity, the speech patterns, the choice of words and the arrogant demeanor, characteristics that Lauda maintains to this day. The actor that played James Hunt (Chris Hemswoth), however, doesn’t emulate the original’s posture; Hunt was slightly hunchback and his shoulders, set forward.

The recreation of the period is exceptionally interesting, a good display of the reality of the races at the time; they are a good reminder of the cars, people and the huge evolution the racetracks and grand prix organization have gone through the years. The racing sequences are beautiful and exciting, but also with that touch of fantasy that a sports drama films require. In the end, it’s all great entertainment that would be better if the sequences were longer.

I missed in the story mentions of Mariela, girlfriend of Lauda at the time, that is considered to have been of great relevance and have a hand at the start of his career. The relationship of Hunt with Lord Hesketh, rumored to be a love affair, was also treated discreetly.

Neither of those things, however, reduces the merit or quality of the film, one of the few that deals faithfully with the last phase of the romantic auto racing, which doesn’t exist anymore.

Francisco Rosa is the author of this text (translated by me, so I’m to blame for any glaring mistakes). He has followed and worked with auto racing in general and Formula One in particular since the 1960’s. He is truly an expert. More relevantly, he is my father, and among many other (more important) things, he imbued me with love for auto racing. Sunday mornings watching races with him always have been a highlight of my weekends.

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