Fifth about The Seventh

Captain Phillips

Captain Phillips: very strong, tense thriller; very efficiently told by Paul Greengrass, who as usual makes great use of handheld camera (Barry Ackroyd is one of the best in the business) and taut editing to keep the suspense up. Most importantly, the acting by Tom Hanks is superb, reaching high emotional notes in a few scenes; Barkhad Abdi also is able to create a very good, believable character (but the rest of his crew doesn’t have so much luck).

Here is an interesting exercise to help realize how important the choice of the right director is to tell a story properly: imagine if Cuarón was this film’s director (and Lubezki, the cinematographer); while the execution would most likely be very competent, their usual style would not match the needs of this story. Of course, the same is true if Greengrass and Ackroyd were behind Gravity.


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