Fifth about The Seventh


Ricordi?: Valerio Mieli posits, in this romantic film, that memory is biased, ever-changing, and hued by their reminiscer’s own colours. It is an interesting and engaging way to tell a love story where two opposites attract: she is sunny, upbeat, bright in every sense of the word, while he is nostalgic, moody; needless to say, both are quite easy in the eyes. Luca Marinelli plays Him, and Linda Caridi plays Her, both wonderfully. Aesthetically, the film is a great match to the story told: cinematogapher Daria D’Antonio’s images are askew, expressive, and enhanced by the work of editor Desideria Rayner, who fragments the images, putting them out of context and gives voice to both side’s memories (with variations in color grading and scene elements); they give the perfect impression of memories nested in memories; the film discusses the concept of “present”, and that comes accross as well, as the sense of when the narrative is rooted is quite fluid. This story probably fits Italy better than anywhere else, where History is ever-present, in ruins or old buildings, making past, present and future all an arm’s length of each other.

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