Fifth about The Seventh

Sexual Drive

Sexual Drive: YOSHIDA Koota’s film tells three mostly independent stories, which nevertheless share a few things in common: their theme, a single recurring character, and a claustrophobic sense that pervades the episodes. That’s not because each story takes place, primarily, in a single space (an apartment, inside a car, a crowded restaurant), but because the characters feel trapped when faced by someone utterly open about their appetites (sexual and epicurean). SERIZAWA Tateto plays the recurring character, slightly different each time, but always with an almost leprechaunish glee. Out of the other cast members, SATOO Honami, as the panicky woman who recovers her true colors in the second episode, is the one that stands out the most. The sound design is a bit unusual (not to say off), as composer MATSUMOTO Akira’s musical score often drowns out some of the crucial dialogue. Cinematographer SEKI Masafumi gives the eating all the sensuality the story requires with precise lighting and lensing.

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