Fifth about The Seventh

Rodeo (2022)

Rodeo: if the main goal of Lola Quivoron’s protagonist in this drama (to find her place in the world, one that is male-dominated) is certainly very relatable, she is for the most part so unpleasant and abrasive it is hard to care much for her. In fact, the film is a collection of unlikeable characters; if any of those were particularly interesting, it would make up for it, but alas, they are as flat as they are unlikeable. The filmmaking is muscular but very raw, starting with the performance from the (mostly, it seems) non-professional actors: case in point, the wildling protagonist, played by Julie Ledru, generally has two modes: elated when freely riding a motorcycle, and angrily pouting otherwise. Cinematographer Raphaël Vandenbussche shoots everything, including the many motorcycle stunts, with great intimacy; the whole film resembles a documentary. Editor Rafael Torres Calderón keeps the action moving efficiently.

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