Fifth about The Seventh

Houria (2022)

Houria: Mounia Meddour’s drama follows a young woman trying to move on with her life after a violent attack from a man, leaving her without her usual means of expressing herself until she meets a group of women likewise traumatized. The film is more powerful for shining a light on the sad reality of present-day Algeria: women are not allowed to live their full lives. Lyna Khoudri plays the protagonist beautifully: she has the elegant posture of a dancer and very expressive eyes, as well as a very defiant demeanor. The rest of the cast, filled with actresses portraying other women that are part of her journey (her mother, best friend, other dancers, other traumatized friends) are all solid. The film is beautifully shot by the director of photography Léo Lefèvre, who gives the film an intimate look. The modern dance choreography is nicely matched by the musical score, composed by Maxence Dussère and Yasmine Meddour.

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